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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Someone asked, so now you all have to know

Well, I'm finally catching up to a meme for which I have been tagged. The very least I could do.

So here we go...things...

1. I can’t eat cold pasta because it freaks me out.

Actually, that goes for pretty much anything that was once cooked, but is now served cold: pizza, chicken, shrimp, potato salad, egg salad—I cannot do any of it because it just isn't right. My mind can't process it. I was also afraid of purple cabbage as a child. So I have food things...

2. I am trying to manipulate my son's taste in music, and I think it's working

When we're driving in the car, we listen to my iPod. One time a song came on and he asked, “Daddy, is this more of your cool music?” Yes, son. Yes it is. Then the other night at the dinner table he started singing “Summer Wine.” It was the most awesome thing ever. Also, he's 4.

3. Once while dressed as a woman I was hit on by a straight man

And then I started talking to him, thinking it would put him off his game, but he kept right on going. This was back before smoking made my face implode, so I had softer features. But I have to say, they're still pretty damn soft. Man, I could totally not pull that off again.

4. When I'm stressed, I like to clean my house, while dancing around and listening to Plastic Bertrand

I'm just gonna go ahead and leave that there.

5. I wear the chainmail assless chaps to distract my opponents